Unified Communications

iLinc complements your Unified Communications strategy

iLinc is not a Unified Communications (UC) provider, but it does provide online collaboration that perfectly complements comprehensive UC solutions. In its simplest form, unified communications enables people to communicate with one another in real-time via multiple device types (telephone, mobile device, computer, etc.) and multiple types of communication (voice, video, chat, messaging, etc.).

We provide tools for informal and formal communication

Technologies now included in UC have developed to enable informal communications so individuals could easily connect and collaborate. Online meetings and support sessions are typical examples of informal communications.

Formal communications require more than just simple screen sharing and basic features. These are typically planned or scheduled events where the leader has a responsibility to proactively engage the audience and is motivated to learn how to present via this new medium. For example, true virtual instruction requires a true Virtual Classroom System with tools to appropriately engage learners and ensure effective knowledge transfer. Marketing and Sales organizations need to deliver engaging webinars easily integrate with Customer Relationship Management systems.

iLinc software provides these tools for both formal and informal communications, fulfilling many of the UC goals.

Guide to Choosing a Web Conferencing Partner

While some UC vendors have already acquired a web conferencing technology, many continue to consider how to address this part of their offering. Building a technology like this has proven to be complicated, expensive and time consuming, yet the number of vendors capable of being truly “partner-friendly” is scant. Here are some suggestions that might help those of you looking to understand what we think is essential from a partner perspective:

  • Solution Must Be Proven and Truly a Scalable, Enterprise Solution
  • Full Support for Software as a Services (SaaS) Model with 99.999% Availability
  • Full Support for On-Premise Solutions
  • Overall User Experience Must Be Fantastic
  • Excellent Proxy/Firewall Traversal Methods to Ensure Users Can Join Sessoins
  • Approach to Video
  • Well-Documented Suite of Modern Web Services (SOAP, REST)
  • Excellent Documentation, WSDL, etc.
  • Experience Integrating with Several Audio Providers, Not Just Learning Management Systems

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