For Training

Built Specifically For Online Learning.

Versatile Virtual Classroom

iLinc offers a better web conferencing solution to transform online learning using industry-leading virtual classroom technology. Preferred by online educators around the world, iLinc expands your options for delivering crucial information in any education setting.

From the built-in Learning Management Systems (LMS), Content Management System (CMS) and Outlook integrations to the rich media content sharing options, interactive features and desktop glimpsing capabilities, iLinc makes planning, scheduling, hosting and monitoring online training sessions effortless and efficient.

Whether it’s a large group and small session, Linc offers all the functionality you want to host more intuitive, engaging and informative online training sessions that achieve the desired results.

Here are just some of the reasons you should be using iLinc. We make easy for you to:

  • Set-up sessions, deploy tests and access reporting
  • Track all training activity
  • Control participation with interactive tools
  • Capture, edit and save courses files
  • Build a content library for digital assets.

Take a closer look. We bet you come up with some reasons of your own.