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Memorable Online Meetings

Sales Professionals who want to refine the sales cycle and bridge geographic barriers now rely on online meetings allowing them to better demonstrate their product or services capabilities and offer more personalized interactions.

But, in a sea of choices, how can you be sure your online meeting tool provides the best web conferencing service for hosting the most impactful pitch meetings that quickly convert to sales? It’s simple, use iLinc.

From the seamless and Outlook integrations to desktop and application sharing options, interactive capabilities, and unlimited video and audio file streaming capacity, iLinc helps you plan and conduct more compelling and productive meetings online than ever before.

Whether you’re making an initial pitch or negation terms, iLinc has everything you need to host more personalized and collaborative online meetings to set you apart from your competition.

Here a just some of the reasons you should be using iLinc. We make it easy for you to:

  • Capture meeting records and follow up with iLinc for Salesforce
  • Collaborate from a shared vantage point
  • Switch effortlessly between tools, aids, and applications
  • See eye-to-eye and focus on what you want
  • Never miss a thing – record, review, report

Take a closer look. We’re sure you’ll come up with some reasons of your own.

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