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Reduce Problem Resolution Time and Improve Customer Satisfaction.

Interactive Online Support

IT Professionals struggling to keep pace with technology advancements and workforce globalization rely on web conferencing service to better manage time-to-resolution cycles that effect customer satisfaction.

But, in a sea of choices, how can you be sure your online collaboration tool provides the best web and video conferencing service for hosting secure sessions that allow you to conduct one-on-one or tiered role-based scenarios to problems quickly and efficiently? It’s simple, use iLinc.

iLinc offers intuitive and must-have tools to help technology professionals solve problems quickly and efficiently.  Features like chat, whiteboard and other collaboration tools just can’t be matched by traditional methods of communication.

From the seamless integration to AES and SSL protocols, iLinc makes coordinating and conducting secure online sessions  and following up with contacts easy and efficient.

With interactive features and extensive content sharing capabilities, iLinc lets you conduct one-on-one or tiered role-based scenarios from a shared vantage point to solve problems faster.

Here are just some of the reasons you should be using iLinc. We make easy for you to:

  • Collaborate from a shared vantage point
  • Switch effortlessly between tools, aids, and applications
  • See eye-to-eye and focus on what your customer wants
  • Never miss a thing – record, review, report

Take a closer look. We bet you come up with some reasons of  your own.