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Secure, High-Performance Web Collaboration.

Real-Time Online Interaction

Government agencies utilize web and video conferencing technology to support teleworkers,  to keep deployed members of the military connected to their families and to monitor on-site disaster recovery efforts from remote disparate locations. But in a sea of choices, how can you be sure that your online tools are structured to meet the needs of federal agencies? It’s simple, use iLinc

By taking advantage of robust capabilities, agencies can separate users into groups or create a hierarchy that mirrors the organization chart to further protect security. iLinc makes it possible to share a single centralized collaboration solution that allows for distributed rights and system administration, while maintaining a centralized database and license pool.

Here just some of the reasons why your government agency should be using iLinc. We make easy for you to:

  • Collaborate from a shared vantage point
  • Switch effortlessly between tools, aids, and applications
  • See eye-to-eye and focus on what you want
  • Never miss a thing – record, review, report

Take a closer look. We bet you discover some reasons of your own.