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Versatile Virtual Learning.

Enhanced Online Learning

Education executives trying to keep pace with a very competitive and dramatically changing continuous learning environment are embracing the virtual classroom concept.  In a knowledge-driven era, web conferencing capabilities allow educators to develop dynamic learning models to address the needs of geographically dispersed students and capitalize on the clear gains to their institutions.

As the first virtual classroom tool developed by academics for the purpose of creating an online learning and professional development, iLinc has a rich legacy of providing the very features and capabilities educators need to accelerate learning, cut costs, and enhance overall performance.

Designed to be configured beyond the classroom, iLinc also provides administrators a tool for worldwide teacher recruitment, research collaboration, fundraising, brand awareness, and alumni outreach. More importantly, iLinc integrates easily with some of the most popular Learning Management Systems (LMS).

From the seamless Learning Management Systems and Content Management Systems (CMS) integrations, to the rich media content sharing options and progress tracking capabilities, iLinc is a hosted solution that helps instructional designers transform traditional asynchronous classroom lesson plans into synchronous learning experiences for better student engagement and performance results.