Session Leaders

Make The Most of Every Online Session.

The Basics and Beyond

Getting Started with iLinc - Recommended Starting Point for All iLinc Users

During this one-hour training session, all user levels will learn how to effectively and efficiently use iLinc. This class will provide both a solid understanding of key features and the confidence you need to create, launch and manage virtual sessions with iLinc. Topics include: navigating your "home page," creating sessions, the user experience, session management, and presenting various forms of content.

Advanced Scheduling Techniques

Learn how to Leverage the More Advanced Scheduling Features.
*It is recommended that you attend (IL-100) before registering for this course
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Enhanced Session Tools

Learn to use Additional Tools for Session Facilitation Enhancing you Presentation.
*It is recommended that you attend (IL-100) before registering for this course
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Specific Feature Training (Recorded Tutorials)DurationLaunch
Joining an iLinc Session
View and understand the steps users will follow when joining a session.
Getting to Know the iLinc Presenter Interface
An introduction to the features and functionality used by session leaders.
Using iLinc Audio Controls
Learn to effectively control participant audio when in Internet Audio, and Integrated audio sessions.
Recording Your iLinc Session
Learn the basics of recording your sessions for reuse at a later time.
Using iLinc Session Video
An introduction to the using web camera video for your iLinc presentations.
Using iLinc Captioning in Your Session
Enhance presentations and increase the attendance in your sessions by providing captioning.
Using iLinc Powerboard
Learn how to use the iLinc PowerBoard as a virtual whiteboard in session.
Using iLinc Desktop Sharing
Learn to effectivly share out your entire desktop with your audience.
Using iLinc Application Sharing
Learn how to select and effectively share selected applications with your audience.
Using iLinc Region Sharing
Learn how to zero in and share a select region of your screen with your audience.
Using Synchronized Web Browsing
Learn to use WebSync to share webpage's with your attendees.
Using iLinc Polling
Learn to leverage iLinc's polling tool; to enhance presentation participation.
Using iLinc Media
Learn how to display and play audio and video files in your sessions.
Transferring Files During an iLinc Session
Learn to distribute files to your audience with iLinc's File Transfer technology.
Using iLinc Breakout Groups
Learn to increase collaboration by using iLinc Break Out Group functionality.
Making the Most of the iLinc Green Meterâ„¢
Learn to use the Green Meter; gaining an understanding of the demographic of your audience and recording your Return on Investment.
Integration Training (Recorded Tutorials)DurationLaunch
iLinc for Outlook A-Z
Learn the Basics of iLinc for outlook; set-up and attend your sessions using Outlook.
iLinc for Salesforce CRM - Scheduling an Event
Learn the basics of scheduling an iLinc integrated event in
iLinc for Salesforce CRM - Using My Personal Meeting Room
Learn the basics for launching an instant session with a Lead, Contact, or Case in
iLinc for Salesforce CRM - Creating Webinars
Learn the basics for managing lead generating webinar events with iLinc for