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Welcome to our system status page. This page is updated with any planned maintenance and current system issues.

Current System Status

All systems are currently operating as normal.

Planned System Maintenance

iLinc Version 12.2.1 To Be Released on Saturday, July 18, 2015

iLinc 12.2.1

Release Notes

On July 18, 2015, BroadSoft Inc delivers iLinc version 12.2.1. This release provides new features and bug fixes.

The following new features are introduced:

  • Client Crash Dump Reporter for Mac (WEBC-1426)
  • Add Chinese and Italian localization

The following customer-visible bugs are fixed:

  • Download client not appearing after a join (WEBC-2189)
  • Report emails arrive from rather than partner domain (WEBC-2194, WEBC-2182)
  • crashreporter not executable after install on Mac (WEBC-2171)
  • Comm Center should prevent join attempt when leader is inactive (WEBC-2170)
  • Remote Control on Win not controlling keyboard or mouse (WEBC-2158)
  • Memory leak when starting/stopping share (WEBC-2157)
  • Attendees unable to join Support Room, even with Technician already in the Room (WEBC-2156)
  • Database lockup on temp table delete (WEBC-2155)
  • Share monitor selection does not reset when number of monitors change (WEBC-2142)
  • Localization – German (WEBC-2131)
  • Delete User Picture when account is deleted (WEBC-2129)
  • Remove content recording option in session (WEBC-2127)
  • Advanced session configuration problem with locked Glimpse options (WEBC-2125)
  • PVR conversion fails without logging (WEBC-2120)
  • Update Comm Center to not allow Display User Pic for Webinars for participants (WEBC-2108)
  • Outlook Plugin – Permission Denied error (WEBC-2105)
  • Clearing out temp tables is taking long DB time (WEBC-2097)
  • Failed powerpoint upload prevents subsequent uploads (WEBC-2094)
  • Chat provisioning long delay not triggering a timeout (WEBC-2091)
  • Upload of password protected PPT stalls content server (WEBC-2081, WEBC-2066)
  • Remove Groupwise plugin option (WEBC-2079)
  • 164 International Dialing Failure (WEBC-2078)
  • Region Share loses Region share window during annotation (WEBC-2077)
  • Comm Center Report query error (WEBC-2069)
  • Crash Report – video decompression (WEBC-2061)
  • Crash Report – Mac, Video Share (WEBC-2055)
  • System admin with packages assigned have Create Support Room on their dashboard (WEBC-2054)
  • Support for international characters in join messages (WEBC-2045)
  • Download client translations not working on Windows (WEBC-2041)
  • Crash Report – QWidget::event(QEvent*) (WEBC-2031)
  • Crash Report – QMutexLocker::QMutexLocker(QMutex*) (WEBC-2030)
  • Crash Report – TClientUIMgr::DoSaveOnClose() (WEBC-2029)
  • lrn files are incorrectly named on Windows (WEBC-2027)
  • Perform GM timezone conversion only if called by GetLocation (WEBC-2002)
  • Phone numbers stuck in session (WEBC-2001)
  • Setting the start page as a URL is not respected in the client (WEBC-1980)
  • No sharing icon for participants when they are allowed to start share (WEBC-1975)
  • Participants hear no alert sounds except chat (WEBC-1971)
  • Browser tab icon (Favicon) is not consistent (WEBC-1959)
  • System test pages are still giving Green OKs for IE 6,7,and 8 (WEBC-1915)
  • PVR recovery (WEBC-1887)
  • Client crash reporter pre-empted(?) by Apple crash reporter (WEBC-1812)
  • Reprocessing recordings at quality of 0 does nothing to improve quality (WEBC-1802)
  • Media will not launch in download client if websync tab is open (WEBC-1787)
  • Emails are sending out dial-in info when using “Participants must use Internet Audio (Listen Only)” option (WEBC-1719)
  • Crash reports do not include session/user info (WEBC-1717)
  • Leader’s download client crashed when closing a tab (WEBC-1668)
  • Download client crash when floor was passed to a participant (WEBC-1666)
  • Multiple tabs open for a share (WEBC-1664)
  • Crash report – Mac, exit client (WEBC-1641)
  • Add warning text that auto launch is not supported in the web client (WEBC-1571)
  • Mac client has incorrect audio file paths (WEBC-1488)
  • Powerboard slides do not display for latecomer (WEBC-1382)
  • Localization – Spanish (WEBC-1376)
  • Reduce delays in desktop sharing to around 1 second in Windows 8 (WEBC-1342)
  • Session allowed public chat when it should have been off (WEBC-1247)
  • Attendee lists were not cleared on session end (WEBC-1243)
  • Recording time limit not being respected (WEBC-1138)
  • Changing video size in dock top or bottom has unexpected results (WEBC-1126)
  • Changing Video size for all does not change attendees size when docked (WEBC-1125)
  • Docking Attendee container to top or bottom does not adjust container height (WEBC-1124)
  • Attendee container does not size correctly (WEBC-1123)
  • Windows 8 slow desktop sharing (WEBC-972)
  • Media URLs are not automatically starting upon session join (WEBC-850)
  • XMPP Chat Server value on client edit page is sometimes blank (WEBC-833)
  • Remote Control on Mac not controlling keyboard or mouse (WEBC-605, WEBC-452)
  • Leaders/assistants stopping other users’ shares can cause clients to spam variable set messages to the CS (WEBC-557)
  • Reduce desktop sharing delay in Windows 8 (WEBC-498)
  • Cannot annotate region shares on secondary monitor (WEBC-487)
  • PVR discard not being respected (WEBC-485)
  • Prevent orphaned users in session (WEBC-403)


  • Supported operating systems for the download client: Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1 and Mac OS 7.5, 10.8.5, 10.9.5, and 10.10.

Known issues:

  • Windows 8 Application share problem with dual monitors (WEBC-2210)

System Maintenance Window

Note:  iLinc’s system maintenance window is on the Saturday of each week between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. PT. Service may be unavailable during these hours when maintenance is scheduled.


  • Normal Operation
  • Some System Issues
  • System Outage

Contact Support

If you are experiencing a problem not listed, please contact us using the information below.