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Welcome to our system status page. This page is updated with any planned maintenance and current system issues.

Current System Status

All systems are currently operating as normal.

Planned System Maintenance

iLinc Version 12.2.2 To Be Released on Saturday, October 17, 2015

iLinc Version 12.2.2

Release Notes

On October 17, 2015, BroadSoft Inc. delivers iLinc version 12.2.2. This release provides new features and bug fixes.

The following new features are introduced:

  • Option to permanently delete customer content and recordings
  • Base site default settings not respected in new sites
  • Auto-reconnect webclient when it loses connection
  • Video call usage metrics
  • Real-time time stamps in chat

The following customer-visible bugs are fixed:

  • Unable to annotate on any monitor in an Application share
  • Webservice not recognizing input parameters that are not at the
  • TVideoDisplayWindow::connectQueued crash – avenginecore)
  • TAudioVideoProcessThread::SetOkToProcessOutbound crash – avenginecore
  • Integrate new code-signing certificate
  • Dismissing all attendees does not give prompt to save recordings
  • Recordings don’t seem to be ending
  • Deprecate get_join_html
  • Recordings not converting
  • Web Collaboration Time Zone incorrect for Outlook export
  • Region sharing across 2 monitors screen size issue
  • nginx error on Report results
  • Low resolution on multiple application screen share
  • Issue with IE10 joins
  • Add flash version check for webclient in FF
  • Add nightly clean up of recording file handles
  • Client crash / Not getting pop-up when network is disconnected
  • Node server 100% cpu, errors in log
  • Error in GetActivityInProgress API request
  • Windows 8 Application share is not sharing the proper content
  • Recording is not processing and/or playing properly
  • Windows 8 Application share problem with dual monitors
  • Windows 8 Application share not masking on minimize
  • Leader/Assistants not able to copy and paste into chat box when PPT tab is open
  • Search results replaced by full list
  • Unable to share desktop, or resize region window, across multiple monitors
  • New attendees UI to prevent database lockup on temp table delete
  • Wrong task bar icon on Win 7
  • Joining a session with an existing share breaks remote control
  • Stopping other users’ share sometimes leaves the local tab open
  • SFDC client export script is not deactivating sites
  • Client crash starting websync
  • TAudioVideoProcessThread::SetOkToProcessOutbound(bool) crash
  • Recording report includes duplicate entries
  • Refresh loop in Chrome when using a Language other than the browser default
  • ServerLog-date.txt log rotation changes
  • Poll results not reported from web clients
  • Activate Flash player only if audio or floor holder video is active for the session
  • “This program might not have installed correctly” message
  • Download client on multiple monitors keeps moving to “primary”
  • Tabs close when leader loses internet connection and rejoins
  • Setting to share video on join does not work

Related to the Outlook Plug-In:

  • Unable to sync up calendar events when a series of recurring meetings got modified to a single meeting
  • Cannot select assistants on packaged sites
  • Recurring “different” meetings edited via API/plugin do not appear in My Sessions
  • Unable to load Advanced Settings when scheduling a web collaboration meeting with SSO credentials


  • Supported operating systems for the download client: Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1 and Mac OS 7.5, 10.8.5, 10.9.5, and 10.10.

System Maintenance Window

Note:  iLinc’s system maintenance window is on the Saturday of each week between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. PT. Service may be unavailable during these hours when maintenance is scheduled.


  • Normal Operation
  • Some System Issues
  • System Outage

Contact Support

If you are experiencing a problem not listed, please contact us using the information below.