iLinc for Webinars

Beyond the ordinary, iLinc for Webinars delivers unique capabilities that make
hosting and attending online events a more streamlined and engaging experience.

Webinar Software

A webinar is much more than an isolated event.  iLinc’s webinar software puts the power to manage every aspect of your online events in the palm of your hand.

From seamless Salesforce CRM and Social Networking integrations to the multimedia content sharing options, interactive features, and video and audio streaming capabilities; iLinc for Webinars makes online event planning, promotion, registration, hosting, and post event follow-up more efficient from start to finish.

Whether you want to present a single speaker or host a panel event, iLinc for Webinars gives you the tools to take charge of the process, work more efficiently and host more productive, higher ROI online events.

Here are just some of things you can do with iLinc for Webinars:
Host events with up to 1,000 attendees Offer participants a fully integrated audio bridge or free Internet audio (VoIP)
Set up webinars, invites, registration forms and follow-up emails from one simple interface Monitor attendee engagement and fuel interaction with instant polls and surveys
Easily promote events on sites like Facebook and Twitter to boost attendance Ensure easy login access for attendees on Mac or PC
Session organizers can manage the invitation and registration process, create customized, automated reminders and followups, configure optimal session settings, etc. – all within the iLinc interface. Integrations with, Outlook, and social networking sites broaden your toolset even further.
With sessions of up to 1000 attendees, use iLinc's free VoIP functionality to greatly reduce expenses related to audio. And with audio controls such as muting right at your fingertips, managing your audience is simplified enabling you to focus on the important things.
Configure public or private registration for your webinars, or incorporate iLinc-generated forms into your own custom registration pages.
Monitor your audience to help ensure comprehension. If participation starts to wane, re-engage your audience through instant polls and surveys.
Easily promote your iLinc webinars on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to increase your reach and drive event attendance.
Join easily with a firewall-friendly system (not plug-ins or add-ons) that delivers a consistent experience to both Mac and PC users.