iLinc for Support

Improve customer satisfaction with iLinc for Support by transforming your customers'
support sessions into a more personal, relationship-building experience.

Remote Online Support

iLinc offers intuitive and must-have tools to help you solve problems quickly and efficiently.  Features like chat, application sharing and remote control of customers’ PC or Mac put your team in direct control of the matter and streamline the investigation and resolution process in ways that just can’t be matched by traditional methods of communication.

From the extensive content sharing options to the video and audio file streaming capacities, iLinc for Support makes sessions more versatile and help you better manage time-to-resolution cycles that impact customer satisfaction.

Whether it’s a one-on-one or tiered role-based scenario, iLinc empowers you to reduce issue resolution time and keep customers happier than ever!

Here are just some of things you can do with iLinc for Support:
Host secure online support sessions with up to 25 people Record support sessions and build a self-service library to minimize time-to-resolution
Remote control PC or Mac machines to quickly identify issues and solutions Leverage built-in reporting capabilities and the iLinc for Salesforce integration to gain visibility into support metrics.
Easily bring in Tier 2 and 3 support personnel with role-based resources built right in Support queue management ensures consistent and efficient delivery of services
Security is never a concern with AES and SSL protocols, which enable navigation of even the most complex networks and firewalls.
Build your own internal training tools and customer self-service modules by archiving online support sessions held with real-world customer experiences.
Support professionals can remotely drive any Windows or Mac machine across any network connection. Use Annotation features to point, highlight, circle, type or accent the shared screen view for an even more interactive experience.
Launch virtual support rooms directly from the customer's Contact or Case record. Track issue history, time-to-resolution, session length and customer satisfaction to improve help desk performance over time.
Fast, flexible, role-based access enables support professionals to bring in Level 2 or 3 support on-the-fly or serve multiple customers at once.
Strategically manage the support queue with Wait List. Know how long people have been waiting and bring on more technicians if you see a backlog.

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