iLinc for Meetings

Redefining how you get everyday work done, iLinc for Meetings offers a highly collaborative
solution that lets you meet online with anyone around the world on either a PC or Mac.

Online Meeting Software

Intuitive and interactive, iLinc’s online meeting software helps everyone from individuals to enterprises host the most successful virtual meetings.

From the seamless integration to the interactive whiteboarding capabilities, iLinc for Meetings delivers must-have tools to enhance online collaboration and improve meeting efficiency.

Whether it’s regrouping with remote staff or checking up on geographically dispersed customers, iLinc offers a fast and flexible web and video conferencing solution to refine business operations and productivity – saving you time and money.

Here just some of the things you can do with iLinc for Meetings
Host secure online meetings with up to 25 people Automatically track your emissions and travel cost savings
Interact and engage meeting participants Load meeting content before or during your session
Use Microsoft Outlook® to quickly schedule and launch your meetings Attend or host from a Mac or PC
Record and edit sessions Launch online meetings from Lead or Contact records
iLinc’s rigorous security protections ensure that your data, processes, and network are never compromised during a virtual presentation.
The patented Green Meter application within the iLinc web conferencing software automatically tracks cost savings and environmental impact avoided so you can prove ROI from meeting online.
Get a quick glimpse of the state of your audience through iLinc's Participation Meter and then re-engage them with Hand Raise, Polling, Instant Feedback, online Chat and other features.
Upload your meeting materials prior to your online meeting or while you are in your web conferencing session.
Start, schedule, and manage meetings using iLinc for Outlook or the iLinc Taskbar Icon. Quickly and easily get participants into a meeting.
Web conferences are firewall friendly and work on PC and Mac systems. Everyone gets in every time.
Simple, reliable, server-side recording that captures your meeting properly and doesn’t consume processing power or memory.
Add the power of the leading CRM to make meeting online with your contacts effortless. The Activity History even updates automatically when you're done.