iLinc for Learning Features

Features that make a difference.

iLinc for Learning Features

Leverage the speed and efficiency of the virtual classroom with a host of features that empower instructors, simplify the job for administrators and engage students.

iLinc’s Standard LMS Features

Managing your virtual training and online learning initiatives doesn’t have to be complicated – or expensive. Our intuitive Communications Center incorporates many core LMS features, allowing you to:

  • Seamlessly administer online courses
  • Track user participation
  • Create a library of SCORM-compliant recordings
  • Generate comprehensive yet easy-to-setup reports
Learning Management/Content Management FunctionalityCustomize session set-up, deploy testing and access reporting through built-in learning management capabilities, or integrate with your leading LMS. Plus, leverage existing digital assets by building a content library on your iLinc site.
Breakout GroupsBreak the class into smaller sessions, allowing students to collaborate on an assignment. Then have them rejoin the main room to share with the entire class.
Interactive WhiteboardDrive active participation and focus attention where you want it with pointers, highlighters, text markup and other tools.
Participation ToolsGet a quick glimpse of the state of your audience through iLinc's Participation Meter and then re-engage them with Hand Raise, Polling, Instant Feedback, online Chat and other features.
Synchronized Web BrowsingLead a Web browsing session or allow autonomous navigation.
Sharing FunctionalityDemonstrate a key concept by sharing your full desktop, a specific application or a region of your desktop.
Reliable RecordingSet your course to auto-record, or record on demand. Easily capture and edit your courses, save them as Flash files or download them to SCORM-compliant format. Use built-in LMS/CMS capabilities to store recordings in a central location.
Audio OptionsChoose between our included Voice over IP (VoIP) functionality, or select integrated audio for maximum control over the learning experience.