iLinc for Learning

Designed to broaden the instructor’s toolset and deepen participants’ level of
engagement, iLinc for Learning enriches the virtual classroom environment.

Online Classroom Software

Designed by an educator for distance learning, iLinc for Learning was one of the first virtual classroom tools ever built.  As a result, our online training software breaks the boundaries of online learning to deliver a complete system that meets the comprehensive needs of trainers and educators across disciplines and environments.

From the built-in Learning Management System (LMS) to the extensive features, content sharing options and monitoring capabilities, iLinc for Learning makes engaging, motivating and educating staff and students effortless and effective.

Whether it’s a large company-wide training or a smaller group of dispersed students, iLinc for Learning is the perfect choice for corporate and higher education organizations that want to supplement their learning model  or transform it.

Here are just some of things you can do with iLinc for Learning
Provide online training for up to 50 people Use breakout groups to divide the class into smaller sessions.
Use collaborative tools to make content engaging Monitor and improve participation with the iLinc Participation Meter
Create a library of SCORM-compliant recordings Generate comprehensive yet easy-to-setup reports to monitor progress
For any type of learning from a large one-time corporate training session to small, daily labs at a college, iLinc offers a flexible, extremely customizable solution that matches your precise needs.
Students can brainstorm, collaborate on an assignment, or study together. Instructors can join any group or jump from group-to-group to oversee activity and help with progress.
Drive active participation and focus attention where you want it with pointers, highlighters, text markup and other tools.
Get a quick glimpse of the state of your audience through iLinc's Participation Meter and then re-engage them with Hand Raise, Polling, Instant Feedback, online Chat and other interactive features.
Set your course to auto-record, or record on demand. Easily capture and edit your courses, save them as Flash files or download them to SCORM-compliant format. Use built-in LMS/CMS capabilities to store recordings in a central location.
Customize session set-up, deploy testing and access reporting through built-in learning management capabilities, or integrate with your leading LMS. Plus, leverage existing digital assets by building a content library on your iLinc site.