iLinc Suite

Empower your organization to connect and collaborate with iLinc Suite and take
advantage of one of the most flexible web and video conferencing solutions available.

Engage. Learn. Collaborate.

iLinc Suite lets administrators control who can schedule and lead any type of virtual meeting or event, assign permissions for online sessions and monitor usage through robust user controls and reporting. Plus, with access to a variety of session types, department heads can be confident that they can successfully leverage web and video conferencing to increase productivity and decrease costs across all facets of the organization.

iLinc Suite Includes:
Deploy Web Conferencing Solutions Quickly and Effectively

Rolling out a new technology across a large organization requires careful planning, but the cost reductions and productivity rewards are great. Let iLinc’s Site Optimization Services team guide your administrators in configuring enterprise permissions and settings, while our Engagement Services experts can provide hands-on assistance in user training and adoption. Contact us today to get started.