iLinc Installed Edition

For organizations that must adhere to strict compliance, intellectual property, or security guidelines,
iLinc Installed Edition hands over complete control of your web conferencing environment.

Get the Benefit of Peace of Mind

With Installed Edition, your IT staff completely controls the installed web conferencing software system within your own environment, with our expert support team available to provide assistance.

Ultimate Security and Control

Unlike most web conferencing providers, iLinc gives you the choice to install your online meeting software behind your firewall. This option ensures ultimate control over your data because you manage it from the safety of your own systems.

The built-in security of the iLinc web conferencing software in Installed Edition means your IT department can apply other security measures, as needed, from within your data center environment. iLinc relies on highest levels of security, with industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption (https) for front-end transactions and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for in-session data communication.

Benefits of iLinc Installed Edition:

On-Premise AccessProvide secure access to iLinc application, data, and server assets within your organization's network.
SecurityEnables you to adhere to your organization's security policy for external Internet traffic.
AccessSecurity controls allow you to block users from accessing websites or applications outside your network.
ControliLinc technology lets you control server and bandwidth availability within your conferencing environment.

Talk to an iLinc expert today and learn how your organization can benefit from using iLinc Installed Edition.