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Streamline Processes Across Distance – Podcast

distance-learningListen to insight from two web conferencing experts as, iLinc’s Director of Marketing, Drew Kaufman, and iLinc’s Solutions Engineer, Kelly Clair, chat on the latest industry trends and practices in Bloglinc’s monthly podcast series.  Kaufman and Clair discuss how Human Resources and Training Departments are utilizing web conferencing solutions to streamline processes, messaging, and training across departments and location — great solutions for any vertical.

Stay tuned for next month’s podcast where speakers focus on specific insight to cut expenses and deliver consistent content for new hires and training across location.  If you have a request for an upcoming podcast, please submit through  We look forward to hearing from you!


Drew Kaufman, Director of Marketing, iLinc: Hi, this is Drew Kaufman and welcome to the first podcast for iLinc’s blog, Bloglinc, which can be found at

I have with me here Kelly Clair, who is our Solutions Engineer. Both Kelly and I have been with iLinc for a little over two years now. I am the Director of Marketing. I’ve got Kelly here for a minute, who is going to go over some best-use scenarios for companies that are using iLinc for learning, specifically in their training in the Human Resources department.

Want to get some input from him, who’s had a great deal of experience speaking with customers who are implementing and rolling out the iLinc solution within their companies. And just wanted to get some thoughts from him on what he’s seen and where the industry’s moving and the features and functionalities of the iLinc solution that companies are utilizing that are really making the solution have great ROI for them.

So Kelly, give us some input on who it is that you’re talking to and what it is that they found that is really useful about iLinc for learning.

Kelly Clair, Solutions Engineer, iLinc: Thanks Drew. What we find in the Human Resources and Training Departments, is that iLinc for learning becomes a very critical tool in reaching out to their different organizations.

Organizations that are spaced out throughout the United States as well as the globe can now focus all their attention in one department, for say Human Resources, where they’re delivering a consistent message.  So all the messages are coming from one headquartered department out to those organizations. So on top of that, less people to train in those individual organizations, to try to get that message across, as well as time saved and dollars saved in doing that. By having that consistent message from the start of a person’s employment with the Human Resources department, and as they go through with their career, they’re dealing with the same people through those Human Resources from the start to Training Department as they advance on through those companies.

You don’t have people traveling unneededly through the United States and over the globe to train these people. They can do it by individual sessions and educating those employees.

It also becomes extremely efficient for multiple locations — where there may be one or two people starting at any given time — each location may have one or two people — where they can create a larger group — make that trainer more efficient and get the information out to all those individuals quickly and more efficiently.

Kaufman: Would that mean that traditionally companies and HR departments would have trainers within each remote office, let’s say? How have companies, the ones that you’ve spoken with, how have they been able to reduce that resource and not have that allocation of trainers at each location?

Clair: They’ve actually been able to eliminate that position and find other places in those divisions.  So you don’t have a trainer that is in one particular location — they’re all located from a central location, not train the trainers, not have to worry about keeping those people busy, they can accommodate that from one location and always provide a consistent message to all those employees via the iLinc for learning tool.

Drew: That’s great. That makes a lot of sense. Have you seen any improvements in the way that Human Resources is engaging and using this tool to engage their employees over the long term? We talked a little bit about on boarding and initial training, upfront training, for new hire orientation, let’s say. But also have you spoken and got some feedback from an extended period of time for the life cycle?

Kelly: Yeah, so Human Resources typically will utilize the tool through the life cycle as well, so changes in benefit programs, changes in policies, those types of things are now delivered consistently, again, via the iLinc tool. People are more efficient, they get the information quicker as it’s released from the corporate office so they can put that into their workplace.

Drew: Excellent. I really appreciate you taking the time. Again, Kelly Clair is a Solutions Engineer with iLinc. Drew Kaufman, Marketing Director, and this is our first podcast.

Please come back to for our next series and stay tuned. Appreciate it.

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