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Redefine Presence with Web Conferencing

distance-learningWith iLinc’s long track record, we would like to think we’ve learned a bit about web conferencing! In fact, through the process of developing, marketing, and serving the needs of our customers, you might even say we are hoarders of resources and best practice in the area of web conferencing and collaboration services and the role they play in driving your organizations. 

Rather than simply storing this information for our own uses, we would like BlogLinc to serve as a go-to-source for you, our customers, and the world at large to help the make the most of digital meetings and collaboration.  When you make the most of our product, we all help to redefine what it means to be present in a globally connected environment.

At iLinc, we have found our customers are driven to our solutions by similar, yet, often, vastly unique challenges.  Web conferencing solutions generate the largest ROI when users understand how to make the most use of – and tailor- solutions to their varied, specific needs.  Our goal is to showcase how you can leverage the iLinc web conferencing solution to:

  • Accelerate efficient communication practices
  • Heighten collaboration, learning and engagement across time and distance
  • Cut costs while increasing lead generation and sales
  • And much more!

As web conferencing gurus, you can expect BlogLinc content to provide you with information on highly relevant innovative communication technology trends and best practices and how they can be leveraged to meet your business goals.

Sounds like a lofty goal, however, we won’t be going it alone.  Technology, communications, and unique vertical leaders from iLinc’s growing community will share their thoughts on how best to use webinars, engage virtual teams, save money, and other topics and best practices.  As part of our community, we also hope to keep you informed of product and company announcements that affect your solutions.  Most importantly, we hope to generate content based on your comments, feedback, and content submissions.

We look forward to helping you redefine presence.   Let us know what you would like to learn first –

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