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Beyond Web Conferencing: How to Integrate Your Goals with CRM and More

Your organization is expected to access and share information faster than ever before. Leveraging the proliferation of open source and SaaS software, alongside the growth of mobile devices, businesses meet this demand by embracing the many benefits of software integration for enhanced communication and customer service process.  As organizations demonstrate “their preference for integration solutions that cater for a wide range of integration needs,” Ovum predicts integration as a trend to watch in 2013.  Beyond customer service, software integration is helping organizations to: streamline operations, improve employee productivity, and eliminate inefficient processes and redundancy.  Rather than toggle between applications, systems, and locations, software integration, specifically web and video conferencing integration, extends the benefits of the software and tools your employees are already using to a single platform of real-time collaboration, ensuring communication and business processes are completed seamlessly.

As businesses combine the tools and applications unique to their goals (such as lead generation, coordinating online meetings, updating records, and more) with web and video conferencing services, we have heard customers report the many benefits and ROI of software integration.  Perhaps the most prominent benefit has been greater control over the entire customer life cycle.  Whether through the integration of a specific app, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), ERP, or LMS, or through a SOAP-based custom web integration, web conferencing integration benefits are extended to clients through efficient management of the customer life cycle.  Customers have reported raising customer satisfaction levels and reinforced relationships through enhanced customer support and more informed interactive engagements.

CRM web conferencing integration is a trend we feel will continue to gain popularity, offering one of the most robust solutions for customer lifecycle management.  Through the integration of web conferencing and CRM solutions, organizations of nearly every vertical can focus on delivery while keeping sales and support teams seamlessly informed through every process:

  • Webinars: Track leads through the entire sales cycle; store & manage webinar registrations.
  • Sales Meetings:  Easily launch virtual meetings from lead or contact records and use multi-point video to make customer presentations and internal team meetings interactive and engaging
  • Customer Presentations: Track progress with automatic updates to your activity history
  • Support: Launch support sessions directly from cases and drive any Windows or Mac machine remotely across any network connection

Currently, iLinc offers iLinc for Salesforce CRM to combine the power of a web conferencing solution and a best-in-class CRM solution.  Integrated through your Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, iLinc for Salesforce CRM, allows users to launch virtual meetings directly from lead and contact records and manage registrations from their CRM database.  iLinc for Salesforce CRM  also gives organizations the visibility to effectively sell to, and communicate with, potential customers as well as to increase the loyalty of existing clients.

To learn how to integrate your web conferencing solution with your business processes, register for a live demo today!

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