Leverage Our Flexibility to Gain a Competitive Advantage.

Web & video conferencing is what we do and it’s what we know better than anyone else. We’re not sidetracked by developing other products or bent on forcing partners to do everything one way. Companies seek us out to help them deliver well-rounded product offerings poised at taking advantage of real revenue opportunities.

In addition to our intense focus on best-in-class usability, enterprise-class reliability and proven approach to security, iLinc is proud of our approach to well-documented and professionally-supported web services. We make it easy for partners to create compelling, integrated solutions to address the growing web conferencing market. Whether you’re interested in adding a critical piece to your unified communications strategy or looking to add a competitive strength to your product mix, iLinc is nimble enough to help.

The benefits of a productive, flexible partnership with iLinc:
  • Proven, best-in-class web and video conferencing
  • Engaging, competent sales engineering support options
  • Well-documented, well-supported, easy-to-implement web services
  • Dedicated support team to guide your clients through a smooth implementation process
  • Expert resources that offer best practices and training to help any company maximize the benefits of web and video conferencing

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