About iLinc

At iLinc, delivering web conferencing and collaboration services are all we do. And, with over
15 years of providing award-winning solutions, iLinc continues to be at the forefront of innovation.

At iLinc we are politely obsessed, well, with you, our customers. We have spent the last 15 years designing products and services focused on our customers and helping them solve real business problems, without boundaries. We are committed to making every online meeting and event the best it can be by leveraging our expertise, customer focus, and intuitive technology to create an unparalleled experience for every user.

Today, iLinc continues its innovative spirit, providing a SaaS based web and video collaboration tool that enables businesses, state government, and education institutions to break down traditional barriers and efficiently and cost-effectively engage, learn and collaborate. Our customers are looking for a new way to solve an old problem – effectively get work done without needing to be there. At iLinc, we are committed to saving some Green – your cash and CO2. It feels pretty darn good to solve real business problems, save some money, and save the planet!

From the beginning of your experience with iLinc, we put you and your audience center stage. Our employees are there every step of the way to understand your objectives for any type of event, help share best practices, and guide you to the best solution to achieve your goals. At iLinc, web conferencing is all we do, so, unlike with those other guys, you’ll always speak with a US-based team member who has intimate knowledge of our services and how to best address your needs. Being politely obsessed with service means our people, processes and technology are all focused on you.